The first Immanuel Worship Service in the new building's gymnasium.

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A photo of a young man sitting in a chair in a public place leaning over an open Bible, and the words, \

Groundwork Online
A half hour radio broadcast to ground us Biblically
God's Salvation Plan
God's plan for maintaining his covenant relationship with us and bringing salvation is completely unfathomable by human standards. Join Groundwork in studying passages like Genesis 3:14-15, Genesis 12:1-3, and Matthew 1:20-23 to discover how Jesus' humility and weakness conquer death and accomplish God's ultimate redemption of humanity. Listen on-line here.

A cartoon image of the gang from Kids Corner.

Kids Corner
A half hour radio episode for kids 6-12
Lights. Camera. Reaction.
The greatest movie ever made! That's Liz' goal. Looks like it will be another disaster unless Lucille comes to the rescue. Check out this episode for the best action-adventure-romance-sci-fi-western ever made!
Listen on-line here.