The first Immanuel Worship Service in the new building's gymnasium.

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Groundwork Online
A half hour radio broadcast to ground us Biblically
God's Grace In Our Weakness
Whether it's fictional superheroes or trending internet stories about overcoming the odds, our culture clearly favors stories celebrating strength. Join Groundwork as we study 2 Corinthians 12 to discover why Paul argues that believers should be more comfortable boasting in our weaknesses and gain insight for our encounters with unanswered prayer. Listen on-line here.

A cartoon image of the gang from Kids Corner.

Kids Corner
A half hour radio episode for kids 6-12
The Masked Chameleon Part2
Liz has chosen to try out for the movie instead of the church play, but now nothing is working our right: he can't do the stunts and the movie's star is gone. Liz is convinced he'll never be a true super hero. Join Liz to discover about heroes on this week's Kids Corner.
Listen on-line here.